plus size women wearing nursing bras with while holding their babies

Sizing from 42D-52G

As long as moms come in a range of sizes, so will our bras.

At Milkful we believe that every body, regardless of size or shape, should feel beautiful in their own skin.

We celebrate the changes that come from growing and nourishing our little ones. We embrace the miracle, the growth, the folds, the marks, and everything else that makes us the superwomen we are!

“There isn’t much else out there and what does exist is ugly, uncomfortable or cheaply made. Your bras are pretty, supportive, easy to pump with and with substantial feeling hardware and comfy straps. I read about your company on a nursing blog and it changed my life! Because of your bras I am able to pump comfortably at work and I think I will be able to keep pumping much longer than I would have without them.”  

 – Mama Beth K.


Our Promise


Our bras are created to support your journey to nourishing your little one, regardless of how you do it. Breast or bottle, comfort is our goal. No wires, no medieval contraptions, just beautiful feminine lace, and quality material. 
We engineered Milkful bras to be compatible with the most common pump brands.

Fashion-Forward Design 

There’s nothing basic about your boobies. Our bras are feminine and respectful of your curves, so you can feel like the superwoman you are. All moms, regardless of their size, should feel supremely beautiful during breastfeeding and pumping.


Hands-free, care-free is our motto. We know “mommying” isn’t a walk in the park. Our quest here at Milkful is to make the journey a little easier. Whether you’re holding a book, typing a text, or brushing your hair while pumping, Milkful bras will help you juggle life’s demands with ease.

What makes our bras so unique

Extra Wide Shoulder Straps

Reinforced Stitching

Feminine Lace And Colors

Sizing From 42D to 52G

Durable Nursing

Fabric Covered Band