Size does matter when searching for a perfect fitting nursing bra

We feel your pain.  You’ve been searching for the perfect all in one bra for what feels like… forever!  
Well, you may as well have been searching for the chuppa kabra, till now!  

Our concise and unique offering brings you not just one, but TWO, amazing styles to choose from, in sizes that suit your body.

We surveyed hundreds of women to gain insight into desired sizes and the design details that make a bra work for most sizes and ended up at our unique 5 sizes, ranging from MF-1 through MF-5.   Each size has a great range, due to the extended band closure and other construction details that offer a great fit continuum.  If you don’t see your size, please drop us a line and request it.  We are doing our best to provide coverage to all mamas and need your input as we continue to gestate and grow.

To find your Milkful size, locate your standard size on the chart and select the corrosponding color and size.  If in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to hello@Milkful.com

plus size nursing bra size guide


Wearing Ruby Sage in MF-1, Standard bra size 42D


Wearing Pippa Black in MF-5, Standard bra size 46H


Wearing Ruby Champagne in MF-3, Standard bra size 46DD


Wearing Ruby Sage MF-3 (MF-2 would be better fit), Standard bra size 40-42 DDD


Wearing Pippa Sage in MF-3, Standard bra size 44DD


Wearing Pippa Black in MF-3, Standard bra size 50DD