Want to know a little more about the founder of Milkful? Read on for a heart to heart with Emily Ironi. 

Q: Talk a little bit about your background. How did you get started in the nursing bra industry? 

When I gave birth to my daughter in 2012, I was consumed with breastfeeding and pumping during that first year. And like all moms, I was juggling a lot–life, work, and taking care of a baby. Constantly shifting gears meant changing in and out of bras that were uncomfortable, and to be honest, ugly. If I was acting like a superwoman, I should at least feel like one in my bra. But there were no options out there for me. I had to choose between cute and comfortable–or trade both for convenience. So, I decided to create my own nursing and pumping bra brand, The Dairy Fairy. I started with one bra, the Arden, named after my daughter, and the brand and my mission to help women grew from there. 

Q: What made you decide to create Milkful?

I’ve spent the last seven and a half years figuring out how I can improve the lives of women who are nursing and pumping. For the longest time, I’d been so focused on innovation and how to make the bra itself so extraordinary that I failed to realize I wasn’t supporting all women. Customers were coming to me saying they love the bras but couldn’t find their size. They were asking, “what about me?” I increased my size range—but it still didn’t solve the problem. I realized I was still ignoring a whole lot of moms who truly needed support. Why shouldn’t they enjoy the same benefits and innovation like other women? Often plus size garments are doubled in price. There’s a level of unfairness. There’s a level of laziness on the part of businesses who just haphazardly approach plus size garments. I wanted to do better than that. I wanted to reengineer The Dairy Fairy bras with plus sized moms in mind. Most of all, I wanted to acknowledge that life is messy and having kids is hard. And that each woman has a different approach to how they nourish their babies. No matter your approach, or your size, we support you. If you are plus size and you choose to pump, I want you to have options so that you feel comfortable and beautiful during such an intimate time of your life. 

Q: What do you want Milkful moms to know about the brand?

When I set out to create these bras, I tapped into friends, fans, and fearless females who share similar struggles and stories as you. I am using their insight to guide me in developing bras that you’ll love. Milkful is all about YOU. I hope you’ll help me make Milkful into the powerhouse I know it has potential to be. I hope you’ll be a part of the story. 

Q: Where can your customers interact with you if they have ideas, comments or love to share? 

Fill out the contact us form on the site, direct message us on our social handles (@milkfulmom), or hashtag #MilkfulMom with a photo, comment, or question. The team and I will get back to you ASAP. Emily and Arden