A mama’s review of our Pippa All in One Pumping Bra

by Carey from Messy As a Mother

Being pregnant, I knew that breastfeeding was going to be an important part of my life. So I was really disappointed when I started looking into nursing and pumping bras. The selection available to me was really underwhelming. My options were super limited and either inexpensive but cheaply made or they were super expensive. Forget expecting them to be cute! Then Milkful Mom came along and changed the game.

Milkful Mom was created by the owner of The Dairy Fairy, a nursing/pumping bra company which has been around since 2012. She created Milkful Mom when plus-size customers brought to her attention that her sizing was too limited. Wanting to serve all moms in their breastfeeding and pumping journeys, she decided to start a line of bras designed specifically with plus size women in mind. Milkful currently offers 2 different bra styles (in a few different colors) and a nursing tank. Their bras come in 5 sizes that cover women sizes 42C – 52G.

plus size nursing bra size guide

My Review

The Pippa

I absolutely love this bra. The fit, the fabric, the ease of use… all of it. Their sizing guide was a perfect match for me. I love the cream and sage lace design. It’s one of the prettiest bras I’ve ever owned. I love that it doesn’t have an underwire, so comfy! Even without an underwire it still gives great support and structure and still manages to avoid giving me a uni-boob!

At first I was just using this bra for nursing, then I unlocked it’s best feature. Hands free pumping. Y’all, game changer. My Motif breast pump easily worked with the bra. Not only did I get to pump hands free, but I could make the most of my pumping time by double pumping. Absolutely the best feature of this gorgeous bra! I hope that someday soon they release a smooth satin version, especially as summer (and thinner shirts) approach.

Be sure to check out Milkful Mom on Instagram and Facebook! I think you’ll love their bras as much as I do.

*I was offered this product for free in exchange for my honest feedback.